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WOW!! 10 years of Cinematique.
On 'Decennium' you will find all sorts of electronic melodic music from all over the world. From the bottom of our heart we thank all the artists who contributed new and exclusive tracks for this special release, we're sure you will like it!
We´re also a part of this Album with a special track called "Elephant":


Coming next 11/03/2019

Third Person - Volcano EP incl. Remix from The Second Sense

01. Empuje

02. Eruption

03. Moderation

04. Moderation (The Second Sense Remix)

Release Date: 18 Feb. 2019

The Second Sense - Twist of Distortion EP

01. Access

02. Timewarp

Release Date: 11 Feb. 2019

HERU - 4am EP

01. HERU - 4am (Original Mix) 

02. HERU - 4am (Not Usual Remix) 

03. HERU - 4am (Road To Mana Remix) 

04. HERU - 4am (The Second Sense Remix) 

05. HERU - 4am (Disk Space Remix) 

06. HERU - 4am (Eme Kulhnek Remix) 


Release Date: December 13th, 2018

We celebrate our 1st Release-Birthday: 07/08/2018

Six months after founding of “The Second Sense”, we celebrate on 07/08/2017 our first release birthday 😊 We released “Scales” on Parquet Recording and it was a really big start! Check out:


Scales entered the Beatport charts, was selected for Solee´s DJ-Set for the Faze Magazine and was one of the best Parquet tracks 2017. Scales is still the No. 1 track in our Top 10 title list on beatport.


Our Top-10 Tracks

01 Scales (Parquet):
02 Gate (Parquet):

03 Different (Inlab):

04 Famous (Cinematique):

05 Hanging Wires (Cinematique):

06 Different/Sarcasmo Remix (Inlab):

07 Cave (Fukai):

08 Melodrama (Straight Ahead):

09 Escape (Fukai):

10 Schmoof (Straight Ahead):


Meanwhile we´ve released more than 20 tracks on many different labels.


And we´re happy to fixed our next releases on Qilla Records, Rezongar Music and Cinematique Records in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2018.


Stay tuned and we´re always looking for some bookings!

Marco & Philippe

Breathe - QILLA Records - 13/08/2018

Remix for Sarcasmo and KnowKontrol. Very deep, very cool! Buy on beatport!

Voltaire Music pres. - Depth Impressions Issue 5

On this very nice compilation, you´ll find our track Follow between many other great artists

Variety Music pres. Visionary Issue 7 - 26/06/2018

The Journey Has Just Begun 2 - 18/06/2018

Our Track "Schmoof" on the "Flower Power Compilation - The Journey Has Just Begun 2"

Progressive Skulls Vol. 3 - 15/06/2018

Our Track "Melodrama" on the "Skulls and Bones Compilation - Progressive Skulls Vol. 3"

Fukai Music - Escape EP - Release Date 01/06/2018

Inlab #146 - Different - Releasedate 09/04/2018

What's easier than pressing the button play to get a clear idea of

perfection? For the first time we welcome "The Second Sence" on Inlab



A German Duo composed by two dreamers hungry of deep synths and

demoniac basses.

2 tracks for 2 different atmosphere. The ying and yang, angel and

demon for a perfect balance between dancefloor and easy listening techno.


On the other side, the remix of Sarcasmo has only one goal :

explode any souls who are near the speakers when the Dj'll drop this sound!!


This remix is one of the ultimate pick of the label owner for this

year.. No doubt this will be an anthem for techno lovers.

Dial P For Progressive 2K18.1 (MNL Music)

Review by Progressive Astronaut

Cinematique kicks off 2018 by welcoming The Second Sense to the label for their debut EP. Marco Thull and Philippe Bessel-Lorck hail from Cologne, Germany and founded The Second Sense project in 2017. A long history of producing and performing in live acts paved the way for their unique fusion of sound. Having already debuted on Parquet Records last year, The Second Sense now joins Cinematique with their ‘Famous’ EP. Spread across three tracks, the EP begins with the smooth, melodic title cut ‘Famous’. It’s energetic tempo, tight rhythmic core and tasteful melodies set the stage for a compelling vocal motif, highlighting the break in particular before a wave of modulation brings a lovely crescendo. The second selection ‘Hanging Wires’ is perhaps the EP’s most progressive sounding production. The tempo shifts down a touch for a deeper, groovier vibe, while the duos uncanny knack for subtle yet emotive melodies remains prevalent. Dropping the tempo further and rounding out the collection is ‘Tie Me’. A quirky, spaced out slice of deep techno, complete with choppy percussion, moody bass swells and an esoteric lead theme. It rounds out what is a very diverse artist showcase and no doubt makes The Second Sense an artist duo to keep a close eye on as 2018 moves forward.


Release Date: 08-01-2017

Release Promo:

► YouTube:

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► Facebook:

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► Instagram:

► PA Booking Enquiries:

Cinematique Vision #050

Now here's something to spice up your lazy Sunday. A brand new episode of Cinematique Visions, as premiered yesterday on Proton Radio. We welcome the guys of The Second Sense for their excellent contribution to our podcast series. Download enabled!

Cinematique Visions 050 | The Second Sense
January 2018

Cinematique Visions is broadcasted on Proton Radio every 4th Saturday of each month.
6pm EST(New York) // 11pm GMT (London) // Midnight CET (Amsterdam)

Cinematique Visions is broadcasted on Digitally Imported every 2nd Thursday of each month.
2pm EST(New York) // 7pm GMT (London) // 8pm CET (Amsterdam)

Cinematique Visions is broadcasted on DNA Radio FM every 1st Thursday of each month.
4pm EST(New York) // 9pm GMT (London) // 10pm CET (Amsterdam)

//// INFO
We're proud to present a brand new edition of our monthly podcast series. Each month an artist who is somehow connected to the Cinematique label will get a chance to inspire and share his or her vision on good music during the one hour show of Cinematique Visions. We kick off the 2018 series with The Second Sense. This German duo just delivered a stunning release with their 'Famous' EP and they are ready to take you on their musical journey.

01. 181 Degree - Ghost (Teho Remix) (Cinematique)
02. Matter - Satori (Replug)
03. Men-D - Doi Mai (Tenampa Recordings)
04. 2pole & Colectivo Triangular - Helium (Tronic)
05. Anden - Ringley (Colorize)
06. Le Jeune Flueck - Foenix (Township Rebellion Remix) (Moonbootique)
07. LXBD - Eight (Out of Mind)
08. The Second Sense - Famous (Cinematique)
09. Gabriel Moraes & Rafael Cerato - Coda (NekliFF Remix) (Dear Deer)
10. Stan Kolev - Tribulation (Outta Limits)
11. The Second Sense - Schmoof (Straight Ahead Music)
12. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu (Jerome's Afro Tonic Dub) (Ibadan Records)

Scales (Parquet #164) and Gate (Parquet #170) played by Alyne and Solee at Helios 37

Our EP Famous entered the Beatport Album Charts #24

Mixtape for Cinematique


Available at 18/01/2018

TMS | Track | Artist
00:00 | Ghost (Theo Remix) | 181 Degree
05:08 | Satori | Matter
09:06 | Doi Mai | Men-D
13:45 | Helium | 2poole, Colectivo Triangular
17:15 | Ringley | Anden
21:22 | Foenix (Township Rebellio Remix) | Le Jeune Flueck
27:31 | Eight | LXBD
33:40 | Famous | The Second Sense
39:17 | Coda (NekliFF Remix) | Rafael Cesario, Gabriel Moraes
44:24 | Tribulation | Stan Kolev
48:46 | Schmoof | The Second Sense
53:30 | Timbuktu | Jeromes Afro Tonic Dub

Total: 59:32


Buy all Tracks:

Famous EP out now on Cinematique!


A fine collection with the most successful tracks in 2017 of Solee's constant growing imprint Parquet Recordings. Incl. tracks & remixes by Township Rebellion, Martin Landsky, Douglas Greed, Ryan Davis, Hidden Empire, D-Nox & Beckers, The Second Sense, Third Son, Rancido, Rauschhaus and many more.

Parquet Mixtape 21 by The Second Sense

Marco Thull and Philippe Bessel-Lorck aka The Second Sense are a Producer and Dj-Duo from Cologne, Germany. They have fallen in love with deep and melodic sounds and the Moog Synthesizer. On stage they prefer playing live with hardware. Each of them has a long history in electronic music producing and as live acts. They already released on labels like Ostwind-Records and Datapunk and had their first release on Parquet Recordings "Scales" in August 2017. A couple weeks ago The Second Sense had their second release with us "Gate", which was a cooperation with the uprising duo Supacooks. Please welcome the two guys at the Parquet Mixtape Series and enjoy listening to their very delicate and exclusive mixtape.

2711 - My Flower
Near Walls - Whomi
Gattaca - Jeremy Olander
Cologne - Boss Axis
Backstabber - Chicola
De Orde Van De Nacht (Affkt Extended) - Eelke Klejin
Elegant Paradox - Renier Zonneveld
Gate - The Second Sense & Supacooks
Epocha - Sarcasmo
Around you feat. The Black 80s (OC & Verde Remix) - The Black 80s, Eli & Fur
Closing - Nicola Saladino
Eyes Closed (Tim Green Remix) - Tim Engelhardt, Forrest


A selection of key parquet recordings artists are now available for label nights, tours and bookings across the world, playing the label’s signature mixture of melodic deep tech-house & techno. for more infos send us an email to:

#62 Beatport Progressive House CHarts

Parquet #170 with all Tracks in the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House Charts.

Our Track "Gate" entered #62!

Parquet Recording #170

Here we go with the next 3 tracker EP incl. a stunning follow-up single by DAVIDE RANDAZZO (do you remember his track "Dipping" on parquet151?) called "Sunset", a new huge collaboration track called "Gate" by THE SECOND SENSE and SUPACOOKS and KAMILO SANCLEMENTE from columbia with his first release on Parquet Recordings called "Azure"! Early Support by Guy Mantzur, Eelke Kleijn, Definition, Lonya, Mijk van Dijk and more. PRE-ORDER here:





"The Second Sense" describes the second of the classic five senses of an human being:
The hearing, the auditory perception with the ears.



The duo, consisting of Philippe and Marco, was founded at the beginning of 2017. Both come from the Rhineland and collected already a lot of experience in electronic music in the past with various releases on well-known labels such as "Datapunk" or "Ostwind Records" or as a co-founder and organizer of open-air events in the area of Cologne and Bonn.
With "The Second Sense" both are breaking new ground: a sound consisting of pronounced melodic parts and punchy basslines. Releases on labels like "Parquet Recordings", "Straight Ahead Music" , "Cinematique/Manual Music" or "Inlab" underline the melodic techno-orientated direction. So "The Second Sense" is proud to release its music among great artists like Boss Axis, David Prap, Douglas Greed, Einmusik, Hidden Empire, Italoboyz, Jos & Eli, Marc de Pulse, Microtrauma, N'to, Nikolas Noam, Oliver Schories, Oxia, Pig & Dan, Rauschhaus, Ryan Davis, Sacarsmo, Sascha Sonido, Sebastien Leger, Solee, Supacooks, Third Son, Township Rebellion, Worakls and much more.



Scales | Parquet Recordings |  #164 | 07/08/2017 | Beatport Top 100, Techno |

DJ-Set Solee | Faze Mag | #67 | 06/10/2017 | Track 5, Scales |

Gate | Parquet Recordings | #170 | 20/11/2017 | Beatport Top 62, Progressive House |

In The Mix | Parquet Recordings | Mixtape #21 | 01/12/2017 |

PARQUET GOODIES 2017 - PRES. BY SOLEE | Scales | Parquet Recordings | 25/12/2017 |

Acoustic Illusion, Vol. 4 | Scales | Wasabi Records | 29/12/2017 |

Famous | Cinematique Recordings | Famous EP | 08/01/2018 |

Hanging Wires | Cinematique Recordings | Famous EP | 08/01/2018 |

Tie me | Cinematique Recordings | Famous EP | 08/01/2018 |

In The Mix | Cinematique Recordings | Cinematique Visions | 18/01/2018 |

Schmoof | Straight Ahead Music | Melodrama EP  | 15/01/2018 |

Melodrama | Straight Ahead Music | Melodrama EP  | 15/01/2018 |

Motherboard | Straight Ahead Music | Melodrama EP | 15/01/2018 |

Nebula | Straight Ahead Music | Melodrama EP | 15/01/2018 | 

Dial P For Progressive | Hanging Wires | Manual Music | 19/03/2018

Different | Inlab Recordings | Different EP | 09/04/2018 |

Different (Sacarsmo Remix) | Inlab Recordings | Different EP | 09/04/2018 |

Drama | Inlab Recordings | Different EP | 09/04/2018 |

Escape  | Fukai | Escape EP | 01/06/2018 |

Follow  | Fukai | Escape EP | 01/06/2018 |

Cave | Fukai | Escape EP | 01/06/2018 |

Melodrama | Skulls and Bones | Progressive Skulls Vol. 3 | 16/05/2018 |

Cave | Variety Music | Visionary Issue 7 | 29/06/2018 |

Schmoof | Flower Power  18/06/2018 |

Motherboard | Man on the Moon 2  02/07/2018 |

Nebula | 5 Stars  02/07/2018 |

Follow | Voltaire Music | Deep Impressions Vol 5 | 05/07/2018 |

Schmoof | Clypsydra | Electronic Romance  05/07/2018 |

Schmoof | Clypsydra | Don´t forget to club Vol. 3 | 20/07/2018 |

Follow | Variety Music | Depth Creation Vol. 29 | 01/08/2018 |

Meldodrama | Colore | Melodic House & Techno candies, Vol. 2  | 03/08/2018

Sarcasmo, KnowKontrol - Breathe (The Second Sense Dub Space Remix) | Qilla | 13/08/2018 |

Nebula | Flower Power | Walk away from Vol. 3 | 13/08/2018

Nebula | Clypsydra | Dreaming out Loud Vol. 4  | 17/08/2018

Melodrama | Colore ACQUERELLI, VOL. 8 | 20/08/2018

Gate | Play my Track Recordings | Wased Berlin Youth Vol. 14 | 20/08/2018

Follow | Voltaire Music | Deep Impressions Vol 6 | 24/08/2018 |

Tales | Cinematique Recordings | Rotlicht EP | 24/09/2018 |

Rotlicht | Cinematique Recordings | Rotlicht EP | 24/09/2018 |

Reveal (The Second Sense & Sarcasmo) | Cinematique Recordings | Rotlicht EP | 24/09/2018 |

Escape| Voltaire Music | Deep Impressions Vol 8 | 23/11/2018 |

Heru - 4am (The Second Sense Melodized Remix) | Rezongar Music | RZG156 | 13/12/2018 |

Access | Nulab Records | Twist of Distortion EP | 11/02/2019 |

Timewarp | Nulab Records | Twist of Distortion EP | 11/02/2019 |

Third Person - Moderation (TSS Remix) | Cinematique Recordings | Volcano EP | 18/02/2019 |

Voices | Cinematique Recordings | Voices EP | 11/03/2019 |

Dimension | Cinematique Recordings | Voices EP | 11/03/2019 |

Nobody | Cinematique Recordings | Voices EP | 11/03/2019 |

Voices (Paul Hazendonk Remix) | Cinematique Recordings | Voices EP | 11/03/2019 |

QuiQui - Le Grand Chemin (The Second Sense Rmx) | Nulab Records | Unfold EP | 07/02/2020 |

Elephant | Cinematique Recordings | Varois Artists | Decennium | 06/04/2020 | be continued (Issue April 2020)


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.

Technical Rider

Live Act / DJ-Set / Hybrid-Set

The Second Sense needs provided: Free table space min. 1,2 m x 0,8 m (best 1,8 m x 1,0 m).

1 x Pioneer DJM-xxx or similar mixer with 2 free stereo digital line-in`s.

2 x power bars with minimum 4 sockets

2 x high powered stereo monitor speakers

High quality sound system

For best performance:

Free drinks (non-alcoholic, beer)


Separate toilets